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Equirectangular Projection

360º photos and videos are often used in virtual tours, real estate listings, travel guides, and other applications where a complete view of a location is desired. They can be viewed on a variety of devices, including computers, smartphones, and headsets.

360º Panoramic Photos

360 photos, also known as panoramic photos, are images that capture a 360-degree view of a particular location or scene. Unlike traditional photos, which capture only a single viewpoint, 360 photos allow the viewer to see the entire surrounding environment in a single image. The images are typically captured using specialized cameras or software that take multiple photos of a scene and stitch them together to create a seamless, spherical image. The resulting image can be viewed and explored using specialized software or platforms, which allow the viewer to navigate and interact with the image in a variety of ways, such as panning, zooming, and tilting.

360º Video

360-degree video is a type of video that allows viewers to explore a scene or environment in all directions, giving them a sense of immersion and presence within the video. Unlike traditional video, which captures a fixed viewpoint, 360-degree video captures a spherical view of the entire scene or environment, using specialized cameras and software.

These videos can be viewed using specialized software or platforms that allow the viewer to interact with the video, panning, tilting, and zooming to explore different parts of the scene. This creates a more engaging and interactive experience for the viewer.

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